It will additionally be noted that Solomon’s Temple had a“Great that is magnificent Window” that faced north

The obvious devices that are baconian the Tiffany Window are Sarah’s Tubal-Cain symbols. But Sarah has introduced another clever design in the type of winding ribbons found in the top center that simply take the form of the letters W (towards the top) and S (just beneath). Notice the way they mirror one another. The letters W S are a symbol of William Shakespeare, and Winding Stairs, whilst the letters S W represent Sarah Winchester. Observe that the letter W is the same as the amount 5 (Pythagorean Cipher), together with page S is equivalent may be the number 1—hence, 51. According to the Pythagorean Cipher, we remember that the amount 51 corresponds to both the names Francis Bacon and Sarah Pardee. Furthermore, pertaining to the title William Shakespeare, you can find 7 letters in William, and 11 letters in Shakespeare—hence, 711—hence, 72, Sarah (20) Winchester (52).

The Winchester Tiffany Window. Thanks to the Winchester Mystery Home

Sarah’s bed room is situated regarding the s that are south

The bedroom’s south dealing with windows overlook a stunning yard and yard. In the middle of the yard we come across an impressive crescent hedge that is shaped accentuated with brilliant, yellow chrysanthemums.

The Crescent Hedge as seen from Sarah’s bed room window thanks to the Winchester Mystery home

The value of the feature that is unusual doing first, with Sarah spending homage to Francis Bacon, when it comes to crescent moon, once we are planning to see, is emblazoned like a brand name regarding the part of this boar within the Bacon’s coating of hands.

Francis Bacon’s Coat of Arms with crescent moon brand from the boar at the very top

Since it is shaped just like the Roman Numeral 100 (“Lunate Sigma”), Bacon utilized the crescent moon as another devise to express his name—and we have been reminded of Bacon’s terms in Sonnet 111: “Thence comes it that my name gets a brand.”

2nd, “The Crescent” had been a magazine that is periodical of and prose written, under different pseudonyms, by Sarah along with her classmates, and posted by her alma mater “The young women Collegiate Institute” of the latest Haven, CT. The artwork in the magazine’s address showcased a moon that is crescent its waxing phase.

Front Cover of this Crescent. Thanks to the Whitney Library, Brand Brand New Haven, CT.

Another essential purpose of the crescent hedge is to stress the moon’s relationship into the quantity 13. This is the lunar number because you will find constantly 13 full moons in per year. The Mayans and the Chinese had 13 month calendars for this reason. The 13 month calendar is more accurate than the Gregorian to this day.

Furthermore, Sarah covered the walls of her bed room with unique wallpaper showing the “Triquetra” expression. Relating to tradition that is celtic Triquetra represents the 3 lunar goddesses whom, in turn, represent the 3 stages of this moon.

one of the many Triquetra symbols embedded when you look at the wallpaper of Sarah’s room

Knights Templar Cross with Triquetra Symbols

Sarah additionally desires to underscore the partnership between your moon’s reflective light while the “Astral Light” AKA the Akashic record. Right right Here, she actually is affirming her Theosophical standpoint.

Within the center that is exact of home, we come upon the so named “sйance room.” We understand that this, in accordance with the folklore, is where Sarah supposedly carried out midnight sйances for the intended purpose of getting building guidelines through the spirits. Such an idea, as any practicing Rosicrucian knows, is completely ridiculous. All Rosicrucians have available space or room such as this situated (as closely as you can) in the exact middle of their houses. This acts the purpose that is practical of not even close to the distraction of outside sound. The space is clearly called the “Sanctum.” Freemasons make reference to it once the “Chamber of expression.” The Sanctum is where Rosicrucians study, meditate and perform private ritual.

Sarah’s Sanctum is shaped just like a cube, emulating the Sanctum Sanctorum, or Holy of Holies of Solomon’s Temple. The space steps 11 ft. x 11 ft. x 11 ft. The measurements aren’t > that is acc

Originally, Sarah’s Sanctum Sanctorum ended up being painted completely blue. This is really important given that it mimics the Masonic notion of the “Canopy of Heaven” or “Heavenly Arch” which can be commonly showcased included in the dйcor in Masonic Lodge-rooms. Finally, Sarah had 13 pegs set up in another of the Sanctum’s walls. Each peg held a unique colored robe, in line with the Rosicrucian practice of using an alternative colored robe for every lunar month.

On the flooring floor, maybe maybe perhaps not definately not Jacob’s Ladder, there was an unfinished space which Sarah planned sign in to utilize as an additional “Ballroom.” A rough, horizontal cross-beam extending across the upper portion of the south wall upon entering the room we notice. The beam has the appearance of just another piece of wood to the untrained eye. Nevertheless, any astute Freemason will recognize its remarkable resemblance to your “24 inch measure” of this Masonic 1st Degree. But this facsimile of this 24 inches measure was created to measure, spanning a size of around 16 ft. Furthermore, the darkly beam that is stained 46 gently colored straight guideline lines which divide the measure into 47 evenly spaced sections. Sarah obviously makes use of this revolutionary product to exemplify Bacon’s coded message in Psalm 46 for the King James Bible.

The amount 46 (in other words. 406) represents Christian Rosenkreutz (Kaye Cipher), while the number 47 relates both into the Master Mason (i.e. the 47th idea of Euclid’s Elements known as the Pythagorean Theorem) and also to the title Hiram (Simple Cipher). We further recall exactly just how Bacon designed the written text so your term “shake,” the word that is 46th the start of the Psalm is attached to the word “spear,” the 47th term from the Psalm’s end, by precisely 111 terms. Furthermore, once we destination the figures side-by-side, i.e. 4746, then, reverse their purchase relative to the Kabbalist “Atbash Cipher,” i.e. 6447, then combine 64 and 47, the effect is 111.

The initiate comes to a landing connecting two staircases, each leading to different second story rooms in another part of the House. The staircase towards the left has 7 stairs whilst the one in the right has 11 stairs. This feature is named the “7/11 staircase.” Notice how 711 may be the reverse associated with the 117 exhibited in the Ballroom roof—and, as we now have seen, Sarah additionally saw it as another method expressing her title as 711 simplifies to your quantity 72, corresponding to Sarah (20) Winchester (52) into the Pythagorean Cipher. Additionally, our company is reminded that the true title William Shakespeare renders the figures 7/11 as you will find 7 letters in William, and 11 letters in Shakespeare.

Another essential facet of the 7/11 staircase is the fact that it types a big Letter Y, which symbolizes the “fork into the road.” The initiate must bother making a choice between traveling the simpler left path or climb up the greater amount of difficult right course. Obviously, the path that is right the perfect one. If a person were to traverse these stairs through the floor that is second left to appropriate, he could be traveling from west to east. In most Masonic lodges, one is always regarded become traveling from western toward the origin of light in the eastern.

Additionally, Sarah adds a lesson in “higher dimensional mathematics.” Whenever a person walks down 7 steps, then up 11 actions, just just just what has he gained? The answer that is obvious 4. But in greater dimensional math, the # 4 can convert or turn into numerous variants of itself, in other words. 13, 31, 22, 112, 211, or 1111. Even as we shall see, there is certainly a relationship that is unique the figures 7, 11, and 13. Therefore, in a globe governed by greater dimensional characteristics, the essential difference between 7 and 11 may be the “Fibonacci” prime quantity 13.

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